thanksss a lot Ain for taking care of my Gabby :)... i think Gabby start to miss you already. this pet shop is not just a boarding service but also a place where my cat feel at home. thus, im really2 willing to travel to cyberjaya to board my gabby, as compared to other pet shop, my gabby surely stress (asik tkurung dlm cage hhuhuhuh...)hug n kiss from gabby to u Ain :***

Mira, 830911-02-5472

I sent my two cats to board for around 9 days. Kit "Fat Boy" is a naughty fat cat who loved to play. Kate is special, she has a nerve problem and she survived so many complications. Kate has never been without me or my husband any one day since we adopted her. We had known she would have problems adjusting to boarding but Ain impressed us and we trusted her with Kate and the extra needs.
Kit was having so much fun with all those normal cats, he sulked when we got him home. LOL.
As for Kate, I am very grateful Ain and Nizam took her in. I can't imagine her panicking in a small cage by herself if we have boarded her elsewhere. Thanks to both Ain and Nizam for caring for my precious cat.

Our best wishes and regards to you, Nizam, Lola and Buzz.

Juliane Yong, K0283915, Puchong