This Cat Shop is 100% owned by Bubu's Shelter. Profit we gain will be used in maintaining Bubu's Shelter. The more profit we get, the more we can do to help all the helpless strays out there.

We all aware that in Malaysia, having a pet is expensive. Most of the products sold in the market are imported. Veterinary service is expensive too. If you are one of the animal rescuer, you will know that every festive season, there will be a lot of abandon dogs and cats. Some pet owner, especially ones who have more than 1 pet can't afford for boarding seek the opt to abandon their pet at the wet market, restaurant, or surrender to the SPCA.

Everyday, our dedicated team do lots of R&D so that we can come out with product and services which can help the community, as well as the animals out there, and not to forget - our Mother Earth.

Now you may shop while doing charity =)