New revised price starting 1st Jan 2012. Please be informed that we'll be practising new policy starting 1st September 2009

Home Boarding (Seri Kembangan)
FOR CAT, MALE & FEMALE MUST BE NEUTERED. I don't want any unwanted stuff happen at home and on heat adult are very noisy. It may disturb the neighborhood's peace. Not neutered adults may turn aggressive and territorial..

My services
- Cleaning of your pet(s) area
- Special request(s) (like medications,preparation of food and etc)
- Play with your pet(s)

What pet do i sit?

- Cat
- Rodent
- Sugar glider

Service charges?

-RM12 per cat/a day** ( without cat food)

-RM15 per cat/a day** ( with cat food)
**additional RM10 (kitten) or RM20 (adult) for flea spot-on. Only apply if cat has flea

 Sugar Glider- RM4 per pet/a day* (
owner must bring own cage, food, and bedding )
- RM5 per pet/a day* ( food & bedding provided )

Rodent- RM3 per pet/a day*  ( owner must bring own cage, food, and litter ) 
- RM4 per pet/a day*  ( food & bedding provided )  

Basic Grooming (nail trimming + ear wax cleaning + bathing)

Short Haired Cat - RM40
Long Haired Cat - RM60

Online Pet Boarding Booking Form 
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Terms & Condition
- all drinking water will be given mineral water.

- pet(s) must be treated for flea. 

- pet(s) will be given 1-6hours of playtime a day.

- owner need to send their pet(s) to my house. Direction will be given.

- pet(s) will immediately send to vet if spotted sick. Pet(s) will be send to the nearest vet, unless owner appointed their own vet to send to. All cost & fuel fee will be charge to owner.

- if your pet(s) have vet appointment during the stay,i can on behalf bring them to the appointed vet. Details must be given. All cost & service charge will be charge to owner.

- i am not responsible for any lost,damage or death during your pet(s) stay.

50% safety deposit must be payed during booking and another 50% during check-in.

- Safety deposit is not refundable if you cancel your booking 1 day before check-in date.

- Booking is valid only when deposit has been payed.

- if owner can't be contact in any mean within 1 week, I have the right to sale, put for adoption, or send your pet(s) to local shelter.